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How do i invest?

To start investing, you must first register on our website

You are now ready to invest. You have an email address, you’ve topped up your electronic account and your Account profile on our site is created. Now you can start investing by first studying and selecting the most suitable investment plan.

The server time shall be regarded as the time at which interest is calculated. The server time may be different from your local time. We recommend that you record the deposit activation time as shown in your Account profile in the “My deposits” section. If you chose an investment plan that has daily accrual, then within 24 hours you will be able to request for withdrawal of your accrued interest. Log in to the Company’s website and go to the “Withdraw” section. Select the payment system you used to make a deposit***, enter an available amount and click “Withdraw”. Your money will be transferred to your e-account within the INSTANTLY..

If you can’t determine which investment plan will be the most beneficial for you, or you’re not a fan of rapid and crucial decision-making, then our Affiliate Program will be ideal for you. The Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn money without having an active deposit. It’s very simple. Login to your profile on our site, click “Referral Link” and copy it. Then, share this referral link among your friends and acquaintances by offering it to them. If your friends and acquaintances register on our site via your referral link and make deposits, you will be paid a referral commission. You’ll receive a referral commission for every deposit made by any of your referral. First, this practice stimulates the Company’s growth, and secondly, motivates new members of our Affiliate Program. That’s a brilliant example of a mutually beneficial cooperation!

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